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    COMPANY OVERVIEW    The Urban Suburban Way

For more than two decades, Urban Suburban has earned a stellar reputation as an innovative, financially savvy and quality-oriented company capable of delivering winning projects. Founded in 1986 by Herbert W. Greene, Jr., our company is heavily engaged in residential and commercial sectors in the areas of construction, building and renovation, property management, and strategic property acquisition.
Today, Urban Suburban, Inc. has quickly become a leader in the real estate development industry, and serves as a model for businesses looking to achieve steady growth and increased profitability.

Our multidimensional approach enables us to meet your project needs in a timely, cost effective manner in an environment of safety and quality. We firmly believe that our time-tested philosophy of doing each job right the first time and providing good value to our customers is the true secret of our success.

Moreover, Urban Suburban excels when working as part of a collaborative team to develop, design, and construct each project. Our clients participate in the process every step of the way, controlling the design, and achieving their goals for cost, schedule, and quality.

As residents of the communities we work in, we are community minded and people-oriented. We take pride in knowing that the facilities we help build will benefit our friends and families. We aspire to be "Master Builders." As such, we also spend considerable time and energy building the foundation for Urban Suburban that will be prospering for well beyond 100 years in the future.

There are more than 75 employees within the Urban Suburban corporate family. Real estate development is still the principal business; however, the diverse Urban Suburban portfolio now includes a varied array of businesses and business interests that continue to provide opportunities for us to partner with both public and private sector entities.


Urban Suburban’s policies and procedures have and will continue to lead and coordinate teams of engineers, contractors, and equity partners.

Our array of competent in-house project managers and construction personnel are dedicated to your development projects, understanding direct cost and providing management, oversight and reporting.

The attention we give to master planning, scheduling, and tracking systems enables our company to deliver turn-key projects with a high level of customer satisfaction.

This has all been done with the goal of being in compliance with all best management practices (BMP) to help us to put customer satisfaction and exceptional quality first and foremost.

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